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Crafty wives make their own!

Friday, April 11th, 2014

   One of the many, many reasons that I hadn’t posted (before the challenge post yesterday) in a couple weeks was because on the 28th of March, my husband and I attended a military ball. Now, normally, most civilians would be saying “Ooh! A ball!” (well, the women anyways). It’s not like the Cinderella balls or anything. Cocktail hour started at 6 and we were home by 10. I guess we’re party poopers when it comes to a ball. We don’t drink, we don’t stay for the dancing. Mainly that’s cause both of our feet are hurting like crazy by then. Before you say “Well, why go if it’s not fun??” I’d never had fun a lot of memorable fun at a ball. I don’t do well in crowds or with new people and end up blurting out the first things that come to mind. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. It’s a social defensive technique I have. Okay… This one, I actually had fun at! We were sitting with people my husband works with and they were really cool, down to Earth people! They all kinda knew that I was nervous.

   Okay, enough babbling and onto the reason for this post. 🙂 I actually have a Thirty-one bag that says “Another Hobby???”. I’m always trying out new hobbies or crafts. So, I’ve had my ball gown for a few years. We move so often that I can wear it more than once and no one knows. SHHH! Course, it’s also a lovely dress and I LOVE it! Do you know how hard it is to find bronze or copper formal jewelry? You can’t find it! Well, I did find some, but I wasn’t about to pay $250 for a pair of earrings that I could easily make for about 1/8 of that. Plus, I’d much rather spend that money on crafting supplies! So, this year, I decided I was going to make some earrings to match the dress. I took my husband to Michaels and Hobby Lobby with me to help me pick out the beads and findings I needed. Let me tell you, my husband has some TALENT when it comes to color matching! Seriously! He’s picking up beads and handing them to me. I get them all home (yes, dim witted me didn’t take anything from the dress to help with color) and lay them on the gown… They’re all a perfect match! I didn’t want to buy new head pins or eye pins because I have a bunch, so I used my copic marker, E59, and my air compressor to “color” the silver pieces.


These are the earrings I made. They’re actually pretty big, but they go perfectly with the dress!


Sorry for the large photo. I just LOVE them! You can see in the detail that some of color I added to the findings is
coming off, but they lasted for the time I needed it! Plus, I can always do touch ups later.


Isn’t my honey handsome?? I think I’ll keep him! Now, you can see how large these earrings were in the photo, but they matched perfectly!

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