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CMFCM – Day 7

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

This is the second post of the day. (I know, scary, right?!?!) Be sure to read the other one too.

   Hello, hello, hello! I’ve just finished Day 7 of the Copic Markers for Card Makers class. This one was about difficult colors to blend.

   For the flowers, I colored with a new red combo for me, I colored them red and another one in white. White is pretty difficult for me to color as you have to leave a LOT of white space or else it will look gray. Reds just take a bit more ink to blend.

   Isn’t this little robot adorable?!?!?! He was drawn by Christy of Tiddly Inks. A few years back, I was actually on her design team. 🙂

   I decided to color him up matching some Halloween paper I have. This way I’m more likely to use him on a card. 🙂 Instead of coloring the cape all black, I colored the interior purple. There wasn’t red in the papers. My husband has an old cape that he use to wear that is red on the inside. I just love that extra pop of color. For the robot, I colored him with Cool Grays because I wanted him to appear more metal. I colored the cape with Warm Grays so the grays wouldn’t be the same shade and I also feel that the warm grays look a little less shiny. Now, for the pleats in the cape, I totally did not decide where to put them on my own! Sandy Allnock had an image that she showed us of a mess up and I LOVED the pleats on it!

   I hope y’all have a great World Card Making Day!!!

CMFCM – Day 6

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

   Well, I did it! I finished another day of class, and no I didn’t rush through it, I really really like the outcome. It seems that since I let the inner cheerleader have a voice again, she’s getting stronger. I’ll do another post, some other time, on what silenced her. For now, I want to show you some adorable dogs & a fox! Day 6’s class was fur & colorless blender techniques.

Click to see it larger.

   For the first dog, I added all my shading and then used each marker to add some texture. I love those colors! My favorite part is his muzzle. 🙂 Looks very wiry and whiskery! Is that a word? For the second dog, I just started out doing little flicks with each marker, only using dark ones where there are shadows. I put a few of the dark ones into the light ones because no fur or hair is ever totally smooth. I feel like in the face, the fur is going the wrong direction, but I still like it. 🙂 For the final dog, I decided to not use any texture, and just color him as a cartoon dog. 🙂 Let’s just say that paper is really saturated! For my fox, (Gosh I like this fox!) I did a teeny bit of blending before I started adding fur texture. I like that on the face it looks like there’s a bend in the nose. 🙂 I used my warm grays to shade the white areas. This fox came with only the black lines, so I drew in where I wanted to be left white. I’m not sure I like the texture on the tail, but then I haven’t seen a picture of an actual fox, much less a real one, in a long time. Yes, I colored her (she has eyelashes) using the typical orange color combo. In real life they’re more of a reddish brown. But I like it and it’s how she’s going to stay!

I do hope you like these!

I will not be doing a Storage Saturday post tomorrow as I’m trying to get caught up in class. Maybe I’ll show how I store something, but not necessarily how I made it. Gotta keep the habit going!

CMFCM – Day 5

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

   I’m back with another finished day from the Copic Markers for Card Makers class. This one we actually colored people!

Click on the image to see it larger

   For the first worksheet, we worked with skin colors, hair colors, and basic lighting on them. 🙂 I decided to try some new stuff (to me), it is a practice sheet, after all. I like how all the hair colors came out and I like how all the skin colors came out, just not necessarily paired with the ones I paired them with. I had a real tough time with the cheeks. You can probably tell from my notes written next to them. Again, practice sheet!!! I learned a few things coloring the hair, and I feel that I improved my hair coloring technique. I see more texture without losing the light source.

   For the second worksheet, we colored a whole person. Now, because I’m behind in the class, I was able to peek ahead and see that in a couple days we’re supposed to use one of the images we colored on a card. So, I pulled out a really cute, girly 6×6 paper pad and got my color scheme off of it. It actually took me coloring her face 5 times to get it where I liked it. First one the nose looked weird. The second one, I overblended. The third, I gave her “hooker” eyelashes. The fourth, was just too dark for my tastes. The fifth one was the one I ended up liking. I decided to highlight her eyes since they were the most detailed part. She a ballerina, I would put her at the age of about 10. For a recital, okay age to wear eye makeup. Especially if you’re going to be on stage! Have you seen how much makeup you’re supposed to wear to look “natural: on stage? It’s quite a bit! So, she has very deep eyeshadow on, to help make her eyes pop. I also peeked at an upcoming technique of using the colorless blender to make light colors stay light. That’s how I did her dress, shoes, and tutu. The hair was a little tricky, but I decided to try a new (again, to me) hair color. I see a bunch of things “technically” wrong, but I do like how she came out.

My daughter likes her too. You can’t tell from the scan, but I used a clear Wink of Stella pen to give shimmer to her eyeshadow (what little girl doesn’t like shimmery eyeshadow?), dress, and shoes. I tried using the black Wink of Stella pen to do her eyelashes, and that’s how I got “hooker” eyelashes in a previous one. So, this time I used the Pitch Black Spica pen to add shimmer to her eyelashes. I have a little more control with it. Or it could be that I’m more comfortable working with it. Still need to practice more using the Wink of Stella pens.

So, that’s it for me today! I really hope you like how they came out and I’m hoping to get caught up on a couple of days today. 🙂