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Storage Saturday – Holding That Pesky Non-Stick Mat

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

   We all have one. We all need it, but I could never find a way to store mine out of the way. I tried clips, velcro… none of it worked. I finally thought if I could attach a paper towel holder to the underside of my desk, I could put the non-stick mat inside there. I couldn’t get the paper towel roll to hold on to anything. So, I remembered I had these clips!

    I bought mine at Amazon… So, I took the clips and hooked one on each end of the paper towel holder. Then I stuck the clips to the underside of the desk and that’s all she wrote!

Storage Saturday!!! Storing Dies

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

   Hey, y’all! it’s been a couple Saturdays. Had to go to a wedding and last Saturday I was resting up from all the crafty work I did the week of Halloween. So, now I’m back. I wanted to show you how I store my dies. Not the Sizzix dies. I don’t think I even have any of those any more. I gave them all to my sister. I’m talking about the wafer thin dies that are SO popular right now!

   I store my dies using the magnetic binders. There are a few stores that sell them. Taylored Expressions has full kits of them and that’s where I initially got mine. I had to replace on of the binders because one fell off my shelf and the posts broke. All the others fell off the shelf and none of their posts broke, so they are pretty sturdy. Basically, the binders are made out of a translucent plastic with a slip on the front where you can label them. You can also purchase magnetic sheets which will hold your dies in place.

   I have mine labelled by how I search for my dies. Most Used, which includes builders, word dies, border dies, alphabets, and frames. This is the binder I’m constantly reaching for. If my collection of word dies keeps growing, I may have to move them to their own binder. Same for the alphabets! Circles & Ovals, which are basic cirle & oval dies, but also the additional scalloped, pinking, and decorative additions you can add. Label 1, Squares, Rectangles, and Other Nesties, which are the Labels 1 dies by Spellbinders (This is one of my favorite shapes!), Squares and all their decorative counterparts, rectangles and all their decorative counterparts, and other nesties; these are the stackable stars from Lawn Fawn, and other random shapes by Spellbinders and other companies. Tags, Labels, Frame Sets, Other Elements, & Backgrounds, which are my label dies, tag dies (except the ones I use the most), some of the Spellbinders sets like the Moroccan Set with the border, and other elements. It also holds my 1 background die. I would love a few others, but those are usually the most expensive and when I go to buy one, I end up deciding not to because I can cut out backgrounds with my Silhouette for a LOT cheaper! Theme border, Theme Elements, Flowers, and Nature, which are borders I don’t constantly reach for like the flower & wave borders. Theme Elements are my balloon dies (I seem to collect these!); cityscapes, Flowers are all my building flower dies, and leaf dies. Nature is where I have my cloud dies, Stitched Leaves, Stitched Snowflakes dies. Okay. But you don’t have a binder for coordinating dies for stamps! I’ll get to that down below. 😉

   Some of my dies, like my Lifestyle Crafts nesting dies are too large to go in the binder part. I took some full magnet sheets, I got mine from Staples, and put 1″ score tape across the back to hold it really well. Then I put them on the inside, but on the front cover. This way, they’re held in place and I don’t have to worry about them fitting or having something else to hold them. I only have 2, the circles and the ones that I used on the Our Favorite Santa card. I put a piece of post it tape across them because when you run them through your die cut machine, they like to bend. So, sometimes they like to fall off. The post-it tape acts like a strap to hold them in.

   Now, I’m going to put the other pictures of how some of the dies are organized in smaller photos. They’ll be linked to the larger version.

This is how I store my word dies. In order to label them, I use my labeller and use an abbreviation of the manufacturer (Mama Elephant is MA; Lawn Fawn is LF; etc…) and then write the name that the company identifies the die as.This way I can fit more in a smaller amount of space! If I have one like the ones by Paper Smooches that have multiple words, I’ll list each word that’s in the set. I’ll also put word dies that belong with another die set, for instance the “Type It” set by Mama Elephant. I’ll just make sure to label them with that set name. Easy peasy!
I use my label maker to make labels for each of the die sets I have. I’ll put them either in the upper corner (I do this for Spellbinders) or under the actual die. I did this with the borders on the right. Underneath the grass border, it says, “LF – grass”
Sometimes I will store another set within the first set. I did this on the left picture at the top. The outside 2 frames are Femme Frames and the inside is Type it. Both are by Mama Elephant. On the right is how I store my alphabet stamps. Nice and simple. if I have coordinating number stamps, and they’ll fit, I’ll usually put them on the same page.

   Now, onto the burning question… Where do you put your coordinating dies that match stamps?

   Simple! I store them with the stamps. How I store my stamps is going to be another post. I go into the Dollar Tree and can find 4×6 magnetic photo holders. The part that holds the photo is like a page protector and can easily be peeled off. I can usually get 2 for $1. Then, I cut them to fit the size of all the dies together. I’ll adhere this to the back of the stamp set. They don’t get lost, they don’t pile up at the bottom, and I can easily see what stamps I have dies for. If I can, I like to arrange the dies in the same way as the stamps are on the other side. In the picture above, I’ve done this. I don’t have this problem with this set, but this way if I have some dies that I don’t know which set they belong to (I’m notorious for getting the Mama Elephant dies on the wrong stamp), all I have to do is look at the stamp set. 🙂

   I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my craft room! What would you like to see next? I have a list of 45 posts (I was keeping it small), just of Storage Saturdays. I have LOTS of ideas! Most of them are pretty cheap, but useful! The links to all the supplies I used are down below.


Storage Saturday!!! GIVEAWAY! + Storing 6×6 paper pads

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

   Welcome back to another Storage Saturday! I’m loving these! I even have a list! I wasn’t going to do one this week, but I decided that if I wanted to make it a regular thing, I kind of had to make it a regular thing.

   Now, if you’re a hoarder collector of 6×6 pads like I am, you’re going to LOVE this! This is a great way to put a lot of 6×6 paper pads into a relatively small space! Plus, it’s using the organizing rule… If you can’t go out, go up! Use those walls!

   I used one of the mini cubical pieces from Target and turned it on it’s side. I can’t find them online, so they must just be in store. They’re back where the storage cube section is. I think I paid around $12 each.

As you can see, I have them stacked, one on top of the other. It hangs over the side of my paper holder. It’s sturdy enough to be able to support itself with that little bit hanging off. Plus, I have most of the weight on the right side. 😉

   Hmmm… That’s a LOT of 6×6 paper pads! How do you know what you have?
The age of technology is awesome. I made a Word document on my computer and then copied it to my phone and ipad. It tells me who is the manufacturer and the name of the pad. Remember, this is how I organize because this is how I think when I’m looking for paper. I think by manufacturer. If you think by occasion or theme, you might want to make your list that way.

   When they first go in (yes, I have a whole stack to catalog. I told you! I’m a hoarder collector! They’re labeled on the spine of the pad with the exact same thing that is on my list.

BONUS TIP!!! Use your Word document and print it out on a full sheet label, and use your cutter to cut them to fit. This way you’re not typing that many into your label maker. After I did the original set up, I use the label maker for new ones.

   When they’re first put into the shelves, if they don’t have any loose papers (you know the ones that are new and already have loose pages falling out), I don’t put anything over them. It lets me know that I haven’t used them. Don’t you dare count how many are in plastic versus how many aren’t. I’ll totally deny it.

   Okay, what about when there are papers falling out?
I bought a package of 600 self sealing plastic bags (like the ones they use for the stamps) off Ebay. I think it was like $10 for all of them. Once a paper pad has been opened (their spines weaken the more paper that comes out), it’s put into one of these bags. You can still see the label and everything.

Sorry for the camera glare. I forgot to recharge my battery in the nice camera so I had to use a point and shoot. 😛

I also keep my post it with the matched copic colors (I’ll do another post about this one) written on it in there. Then I can also use it to hold scraps. No need to dig through the scraps drawers. Awesome, right?!?!?!

   I hope this gives you some inspiration to help make your craft area more organized! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.