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Storage Saturday!!! GIVEAWAY! + Storing 6×6 paper pads

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

   Welcome back to another Storage Saturday! I’m loving these! I even have a list! I wasn’t going to do one this week, but I decided that if I wanted to make it a regular thing, I kind of had to make it a regular thing.

   Now, if you’re a hoarder collector of 6×6 pads like I am, you’re going to LOVE this! This is a great way to put a lot of 6×6 paper pads into a relatively small space! Plus, it’s using the organizing rule… If you can’t go out, go up! Use those walls!

   I used one of the mini cubical pieces from Target and turned it on it’s side. I can’t find them online, so they must just be in store. They’re back where the storage cube section is. I think I paid around $12 each.

As you can see, I have them stacked, one on top of the other. It hangs over the side of my paper holder. It’s sturdy enough to be able to support itself with that little bit hanging off. Plus, I have most of the weight on the right side. 😉

   Hmmm… That’s a LOT of 6×6 paper pads! How do you know what you have?
The age of technology is awesome. I made a Word document on my computer and then copied it to my phone and ipad. It tells me who is the manufacturer and the name of the pad. Remember, this is how I organize because this is how I think when I’m looking for paper. I think by manufacturer. If you think by occasion or theme, you might want to make your list that way.

   When they first go in (yes, I have a whole stack to catalog. I told you! I’m a hoarder collector! They’re labeled on the spine of the pad with the exact same thing that is on my list.

BONUS TIP!!! Use your Word document and print it out on a full sheet label, and use your cutter to cut them to fit. This way you’re not typing that many into your label maker. After I did the original set up, I use the label maker for new ones.

   When they’re first put into the shelves, if they don’t have any loose papers (you know the ones that are new and already have loose pages falling out), I don’t put anything over them. It lets me know that I haven’t used them. Don’t you dare count how many are in plastic versus how many aren’t. I’ll totally deny it.

   Okay, what about when there are papers falling out?
I bought a package of 600 self sealing plastic bags (like the ones they use for the stamps) off Ebay. I think it was like $10 for all of them. Once a paper pad has been opened (their spines weaken the more paper that comes out), it’s put into one of these bags. You can still see the label and everything.

Sorry for the camera glare. I forgot to recharge my battery in the nice camera so I had to use a point and shoot. 😛

I also keep my post it with the matched copic colors (I’ll do another post about this one) written on it in there. Then I can also use it to hold scraps. No need to dig through the scraps drawers. Awesome, right?!?!?!

   I hope this gives you some inspiration to help make your craft area more organized! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.