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Storage Saturday!!! Storing Punch Boards…

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

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This is something I have been wanting to start for a while. I have a lot of ideas for storage and organization. Because we’re military, my house changes every couple years, the craft room changes size, shape; so my storage and organization needs to be easily moved, but flexible in placement, and most of all CHEAP! I’m not spending a lot of money on stuff to have the movers break it in one move. Now, granted, the last move, our movers were great! Didn’t break anything in the craft room. Did lose a 25 pound box of orange, yellow, & green cardstock though. Who knows, I may find it in the next move.

Okay, anywhoo… Basically, every new house (new to us), I get to expand my creativity and try to come up with a new layout for “specialties” of the room. This time I have to deal with 45 degree slanted ceilings that start about 5 feet up on the wall. Then, because it’s an old house, you can only have minimal drilling into the walls because they’re plaster. Oh, and they have a layer of asbestos behind them. Yay, right???

Today’s storage is what I came up with last night for storing my punch boards. Under my computer desk! Totally unused space! Aren’t these punch boards awesome?? The only thing I don’t like is that they’re so difficult to store. Space is limited in my craft room… They don’t stack cleanly, either.

So, I flipped these bad boys over and saw that there were recessed areas in the back and I just might be able to use these for hanging… The arrows indicate where I’m going to hang them.

Now comes the idea… Those awesome things called Command by 3M come in handy for ALL sorts of things! I picked some of these up for another idea I had that didn’t work out. Cool thing is they’re removable!

The reference number at the bottom left corner is 17006CLR-ES.

Supplies Needed:
T-Square Ruler (Optional)
Command hooks (2 for each punch board)
Punch boards

1. Line your t-square ruler up with the desk and make a tick mark signify where the top row of punch boards starts.

2. Make sure your hooks are going to fit in the space on the back of the punch boards that you’re going to hang them on.

HELPFUL INFORMATION!!! One problem I encountered is that these particular hooks don’t fit in the envelope punch board space I showed you. Solution? 100 grit sandpaper (I used a fingernail file), and file that hook down until it fits in the area. In order to keep them both the same height, you could file them together.

3. Flip your punch board(s) so you see the back. Decide where you want it/them positioned. I liked having 2 at the top and 1 at the bottom. With your pencil, make a mark where to put your hooks.

4. Prep your hooks & area by using the instructions on the back of the package.

5. This is where the t-square comes in handy… Line your t-square up a little above the tick mark and take your first hook, butt the top up against the ruler (The tops of these hooks are flat! 🙂 ), covering the mark you made to add the hook. Use the same technique for the second hook and any other hooks on that row. Once you’re done, you can erase your starting mark.

6. If you’re doing 2 rows, place your longest punch board, that’s going to be on the top row, and line your t-square ruler up below it, with some space between the bottom of the punch board and the top of where the next should start.

7. Now you should know exactly how to attach your hooks. 🙂

Here’s how my hooks look hung up. The first picture is all 3 under my very messy computer desk. The next 2 are up close of the hooks.

Bottom row placement

Top row placement

And here is how they look all hung up! Out of the way, but still in sight so I’ll use them.

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